I'm Ruby


An entrepreneur, community organizer & outdoor enthusiast dedicated to bridging people and ideas.


I want to work to live and not the other way around. I care deeply about the Earth and I want to have a positive impact on the world. I value community, nature, adventure, and a healthy lifestyle more than anything else.

I grew up in Auburn and went to college in Portland, OR, where I double majored in Organizational Communication and Spanish with a minor in Sustainability – my passion.


It was never really my plan to move back home after graduating in 2020, but the pandemic changed that.

Many of my friends moved home, too, and also newcomers. 


A lot of them worked remotely and the ones who did, had such bad wifi they could hardly work from home.


I noticed more people than normal working out of coffee shops or family friends' spare bedrooms and started thinking to myself ‘Auburn needs a coworking space’.


I discovered coworking in Portland, because up there, coworking spaces are everywhere. In fact, I used to bike to WeWork and my friend would let me in so I could study off-campus. 


To be honest, I was a bit obsessed with coworking spaces and even more so with co-warehousing spaces – I still am.


The more I talked about how badly Auburn needed a coworking space, the more I realized that no one really knew what coworking was. 


In my mind, it was inevitable that Auburn would have a coworking space in a matter of months, so why shouldn’t I be the one to start it?


I mentioned the idea to a friend in passing and a month later, she texted me, “Hey- I got an inside hook up on office furniture from a tech office in the Bay that's closing. Maybe free or heavily discounted. Send me your email if you’re interested in seeing the inventory list.”


I ended up bidding on a bunch of furniture and then picked it all up a few weeks later, all the while thinking to myself, “worst comes to worst, I’ll just sell it.”


Serendipitous interactions, introductions, and ideas kept happening and pushing me closer to where I am now.


I made it here with lots of perseverance and problem solving of course, but also a weird sense that the universe wanted me to do it. I almost quit many times, but things just kept working out.


So, here we are.


No Hands is a community founded on my deepest values.


It’s meant to be a node in a larger network of people, and ideas, and possibilities. It's especially a landing pad for entrepreneurs and people who work digitally to connect.


We’re social creatures and we need each other. If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that. We know we are healthier, happier and stronger, when we are together.


And that’s just it. I’m passionate about gathering, balancing work and life, bringing people together, hosting workshops, sharing knowledge and skills in all areas, and improving our community so that it serves us all better.