Until Black and white Thinking Decomposes

An introduction to what’s to come on No Hand's blog. Really, a list of simple words.

Grief, stress, exhaustion, 2021: these words stand out and organically clump together in my brain. I’m itching to research their relationship. With everything going on in the world, these words resonate way too much. What’s under that?

Ritual: the only antidote to reality that my body recognizes and relaxes around in hope.

Meditation: we just need more of it. That’s all. Don’t think about it.

Forest bathing: uh, who doesn’t want to know more? You’re canceled.

Planetary boundaries, anthropocene, symbiocene: haven’t heard these ones before? Well, “fucking words” is the title of a note that my friend keeps on her phone for words that are weird. For now, we’ll just stick these on that hypothetical list.

Classism, sexism, racism: step one inch outside your bubble and bam these words affront you. Why? What’s the big deal? I promise I won’t get to the bottom of these words and their strange power, but I’m committed to scraping the surface. Don’t act so afraid. Climb back in your skin.

Capitalism: what a domineering word, so polarizing and all pervasive. If it’s not that way for you... then keep your curiosity close and your critical thinking cap closer.

Intermittent fasting, metabolic flexibility, biohacking: cool buzz words, huh? I know they're more than that. I’ve heard that these things can increase focus and lengthen your telomeres (which roughly translates to “lengthen your life”). Plus, I've also heard that they’re all-around good for your health. Wanna know more? Let's learn together.

CSA: tricked ya! This one’s an acronym... It means Community Supported Agriculture and it’s a great thing (yes, I alert you of my bias). I can't wait to write more on agriculture and food systems.

Intercambios: tricked ya again! This one’s Spanish... It refers to things like language exchange meetups. They’re one of those things that other countries do and we don’t and they’re cool, so we should try them. Language exchanges, idea exchanges, clothings exchanges, you see where this is going, etc.


Hopefully this gives you an idea of where my heads at and where my heart is at, too.

At the very least, consider this blog a table of contents for what’s to come.

Also, consider it a program pamphlet for a discussion serious that I really want to host at No Hands, perhaps, on a bi weekly basis. I envision writing blogs on various topics and then gathering people together to kick back, relax, drink tea, and talk about them.

Join or die!

I mean, enjoy these blog posts and please make an appearance at my discussion group, where we’ll discuss our thoughts and hang out in the grey zone until black and white thinking decomposes.

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