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Founder of No Hands, multi-passionate entrepreneur, community builder, and down-to-earth nature girl.

I'm Ruby

I was born and raised in Auburn and went to college in Portland, where I studied Organizational Communication (BS), Spanish (BA), and Sustainability (minor).


I moved home after graduating in 2020 and noticed a huge need for coworking in our area.


Auburn needed somewhere… anywhere… not just loud coffee shops and long-term offices, for locals to get work done. 

Also, Auburn needed a hub for entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, and everyone else exploring careers, switching gears, and charting new professional paths.


As soon as I connected the dots, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was inevitable coworking would come to Auburn soon.


And then I figured… Why not start a space myself?


I opened No Hands in October 2021 and it’s truly an expression of my deepest values and passions.


Am I passionate about office space? Not really.


Am I passionate about placemaking, culture building, and community? YES. YES. HECK, YES!


No Hands is meant to be a node in a larger network of people, and ideas, and possibilities.


We’re social creatures. And if the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we are healthier, happier, and stronger when we’re together, in community.


And that’s just it.


I’m passionate about bridging people and ideas… bringing together people who would have never otherwise met, hosting workshops, sharing knowledge and skills in all areas, and improving our community so that it serves us all better.


I care about living and working locally, and I love supporting people in finding work-life balance so they have time and energy to enjoy the community they’re part of.

And this is...


No Hands Coworking

No Hands is a flex space with a small town twist and Auburn feel. It's a self-serve community hub for remote workers, entrepreneurs, creatives, and more.

It's a cross between a cafe, a library, and an executive suite, where people work together, independently.

Working at No Hands is different from working in a regular office because you're a member, not a tenant. Instead of a lease, you have a day-to-day or month-to-month agreement that can change as freely as you do.

It's also different because you're surrounded by people doing different work than you. So there's less of a boring coworker vibe and more of a curious new friend vibe.

As a flex space, we get that the world is changing... work is changing.

Fewer people work in offices, more people work from home, and freelance side hustles are the new thing. 

We're here for it all! We embrace change and look forward to navigating it.


We believe in sticking together, supporting each other, encouraging each other to advocate for what we want in life and at work, and seriously making time for adventure.

We believe in spending time outdoors, making memories with friends and family, and exploring the things that light us up.

We also believe in investing in our local community and economy, so that we are as resilient as we can be in face of all these changes.

Here's to navigating work and life, together!

As ever... bridging people and ideas,


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