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Work in a quiet space with reliable WiFi and good people.

Small town coworking in the Sierra Foothills.
No Hands is more than a quiet space with good connection.
It's an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, remote workers, creatives, and more.


Benefits of Coworking

Drive A Lot Less

Spend less $$$ on gas, and less time driving or sitting in traffic. Have more time to do what you love.

Meet New People

Connect with other members.

Meet people from different industries and backgrounds.

Never Worry About WiFi

Connect to our reliable, high-speed WiFi -- a perk of being downtown.

Work In Downtown

Work within walking distance of great eateries and accessible nature.

Click Into A Work Flow

Be in a quiet office with a cozy ambiance that supports your focus.


Choose from 6 different short-term memberships, some with 24/7 access.

Memberships and Pricing

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What's it like to work at No Hands?

Be part of a collaborative, entrepreneurial community that embraces flexible, remote work and offers opportunities to connect with others.​

Use your digital keys to enter anytime, make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and find your seat. Connect to our high speed WiFi and work at your leisure.


Introduce yourself to other members in the space, meet new people and maybe even recognize a familiar face or two.


Step out for lunch in town or mid day exercise in the canyon, and return to your same seat.

Head out feeling productive, creative, and connected.


Find Your Seat

Choose a membership that's right for you.

Invite Your People

Host a meeting, workshop or business retreat.


Join the Fun

Attend events or workshops offered by our members.

Be the first to know about events, workshops, and community updates.

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"No Hands Coworking is an amazing space! A great mix of community feel with a respectful work environment. I'm able to get a lot more accomplished than at home, while also meeting new people I otherwise wouldn't have had an opportunity to meet. I highly recommend getting a membership."


Auburn Business Ventures

We're here to be a community hub and resource.

Whether you...

Need an office temporarily during a transition... 

Want to work somewhere other than a coffee shop...


Moved to town recently and feel frustrated with your home office situation...

Are in town for a short while and need somewhere to work...

Have time between dropping kids off at school and taking them to sports...


Or, desire better work life balance...

We have a seat for you. We believe in the power of community and supporting each other.

Brands At No Hands

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